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Highland Circle Personal Care Home was created with you, the resident, in mind. We only exist to provide a home away from home, in comfort and with dignity, care and assistance. Family members are often not able to provide this, and it’s understandable. That’s why we are here. Depend on our amazing, thoughtful services.

Providing the care you need, when

you need it!

Your health and wellbeing are our top concerns. We want you to enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are a priority here, and that we have your best interest in mind. We have Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA's) supported by skilled nurses ready to assist you with support and to accommodate any of your needs.

Our top priority

Our staff is here to help you. We only want the best when it comes to your care. You will likely have a lot of doctors’ visits and appointments. We are here to ensure that you get to these appointments as frequently as necessary to ensure your health is as good as possible.

We only want the best for you or your loved one. Making sure that there is always a home-like feel to the atmosphere, and that the environment is extremely family-oriented, with only the best in positive care.

Professional staff

Strive for positive experiences

Created with you in mind

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